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Our Hand-Picked List of the Best Films at TIFF This Year

posted by: Best Western Plus Travel Hotel Toronto Airport on: August 23, 2018 12:29:22 PM
movie screening
Photo taken by: Erik Witsoe
If there’s one thing we all like to do on rainy days, it’s watching movies! The Toronto International Film Festival is being held between September 6th and 16th this year, and we can’t wait! Whether you’re the occasional movie watcher or a seasoned film junkie, the following flicks are thought-provoking and sure to captivate your attention. Read on to find out more: 

Ad Vitam - Drama

One of mankind’s strongest desires is to live forever - something we have been striving to achieve for centuries, as evidenced by countless old tales of people finding the ‘elixir of life’, or a ‘healing plant’, and just about everything in between. In this much-anticipated series, humans have implemented a regeneration process for immortality. The problem now comes when a slew of seven teenage suicides disrupts this strange dystopia. A 120-year old detective who cannot crack the case is forced to ask for the help of a rebellious and suicidal young woman to finally uncover the deeper issue - political? Despair due to their lack of privilege? Watch to find out - it’s engrossing, we promise.

Anthropocene - Documentary

You’ve heard of the holocene, but that’s old news: geologists have now proposed a now geological epoch, called the Anthropocene. This most recent fragment of time where humans have inhabited the earth has made an impact so significant that it has changed rock layer formations permanently. That impact is most often referred to as ‘climate change’. As recent years have demonstrated unusual and devastating weather patterns globally, there is no doubt that this phenomenon is human-caused. Baichwal, de Pencier, and Burtynsky delve into the issue and display shocking scenes of artificial mines, concrete seawalls that stretch forever, gargantuan industrial factories, and sprawling cities - the product of humans’ “progress” as a race and our consumption patterns. It is meant to provoke thought and change, because although humans cannot reverse our damaging actions, we can slow the rate of harm and restore what can still be salvaged. In the process, we will save ourselves.

Girls of the Sun - Drama

Enough with the unrealistic superhero movies - for the realists of the world, Eva Husson has created Girls of the Sunto bring strong women into the ‘superhero’ spotlight for a change, but without any of the whistles and bells. The passion in this story is raw and it is authentic - a sisterhood of women form a battalion led by an ex-lawyer to reclaim their homes from ISIS extremists in Iraqi Kurdistan. Each woman has a story to tell and will stop at nothing to defend her home.
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